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For more than four decades Pollard & Associates has provided plan design, consulting, administrative, actuarial, and trust accounting services to thousands of retirement plan sponsors of various types and sizes. We continue to help our clients establish plans to meet their individual goals and objectives. We ensure that our plans maintain their maximum effectiveness throughout the years by changing with our client’s evolving needs. Every client is assigned a personal consultant and senior administrator who are intimately familiar with their plan. Our service offerings including 401(k), 401(k) Safe Harbor, Profit Sharing, New Comparability or Cross-Tested, Cash Balance, and Defined Benefit plans.

The retirement plan industry is an ever-changing one that is frequently impacted by new legislation and regulations. Our obligation to our clients includes both communication and analysis of new information as it relates to each plan. Constant monitoring is one of the most important services we perform.

We currently administer approximately 700 retirement plans with a dedicated and experienced staff of 20. We are proud that we continue to grow our client base and our staff every year.

As a third-party administrator, Pollard works collaboratively with employers and their advisors – financial advisors, registered investment advisors (RIAs), brokers, agents, accountants, and attorneys – to ensure the seamless implementation and operation of each plan. We recognize that retirement plans cannot be approached from a “one size fits all” or “off the shelf” perspective and that small to mid-size employers need not only administrative and recordkeeping support, but also guidance and recommendations for plan design features and investment selection. We take a team approach to administering each plan.

Because we're independent, we don’t manage assets or collect commissions; we provide objective consultation and services.  Our investment independence affords us the flexibility to help employers and their advisors select the optimal investment provider. We partner with some of the most trusted mutual fund and insurance companies in the country to offer a broad and well-diversified selection of fund options.

Our credentialed and long-tenured staff is our most valued asset. Our ongoing commitment to our staff empowers us to provide timely, customized, and comprehensive administration for our clients.  Associates are taught to provide infinite attention to detail. Our level of service requires continuous professional education, which is part of our corporate policy. Many of our senior administrators have been with Pollard for more than 20 years and are credentialed by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA). We are proud of our dedication to our profession.