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Welcome to Pollard & Associates’ Client & Advisor Resources page.  Here you will find useful links and references to provide you with information on qualified retirement plans and the responsibilities of plan sponsorship.

Participant Fee Disclosure Resources

DOL Interim Policy on Electronic Disclosure

DOL guidelines for providing required plan-related and investment-related information electronically to participants

Sample Participant Email Language

Sample language for the body of the email used to electronically send the annual Notice to participants

Sample Memo to Distribute with Hand Delivered or Mailed Notices

Sample Memo to enclose with Notices hand delivered or mailed to participants

Important Things to Know

2017-2019 Qualified Retirement Plan Limits

Key 2017-2019 qualified retirement plan limits.

2019 IRA Rules & Limits (Traditional and Roth)

Key 2019 eligibility rules and contribution limits

Guidelines for 401(k) Contribution Deposit Timing

DOL’s safe harbor regulations for timely deposit of employee 401(k) payroll deductions

Corrections Programs Overview

Overview of DOL and IRS corrections programs

ADP Testing Overview

Detailed overview of 401(k) ADP testing procedures

ERISA Bond Requirements

Overview of ERISA bond requirements for plan fiduciaries

Helpful Websites

Library of regularly updated articles on important 401(k) issues and marketplace news

Objective, reliable research, data, and analysis to enhance the development of sound employee benefit programs

The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) within the Department of Labor oversees qualified plan laws and regulations related to participant rights and fiduciary behavior

Internal Revenue Service United States Department of the Treasury

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) within the Department of the Treasury oversees qualified plan laws and regulations related to tax and plan qualification issues


The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) is a federal corporation charged with protecting participant benefits in defined benefit pension plans

Plan Design Resources

Roth 401(k) Employee Announcement

Introduction to Roth 401(k) contributions for employees

Overview of Safe Harbor 401(k) with Cross-Tested Profit Sharing

Considerations and advantages to establishing a “cross-tested” 401(k) plan

Defined Benefit Plan Overview

Advantages and disadvantages of defined benefit plans as compared to defined contribution plans

Cash Balance Plan Overview

Advantageous features of this type of defined benefit plan, including answers to frequently asked questions