About Us

Celebrating 50 Years of Our Commitment to Excellence

Our history & tradition was founded on this basis.  Three generations later, it is still our core value.  At Pollard, we think technical and deliver relatable.  We are one of only a few local Third-Party Administration (TPA) firms in the Greater Baltimore area with the depth of experience and expertise critical to our industry, but with the friendly customer service that extends beyond expectations.

P&A Background

Pollard & Associates specializes in retirement plan design, administration, compliance, and actuarial services. We help plan sponsors establish and maintain the best retirement plan(s) to meet their goals and objectives in collaboration with their financial advisors and CPAs. Since 1970, we have built our reputation as one of the area’s premier Third-Party Administrators by diligently serving our clients in the Greater Baltimore, Washington, and Maryland/Delaware Eastern Shore communities with high-level technical expertise and our commitment to service. We currently service over 1100 retirement plans with a staff of 24 consultants, administrators, and actuaries. Our clients range from one-person Solo(k) and Defined Benefit (DB) Plans to 401(k) plans of all sizes, combo 401(k) and Cash Balance arrangements, and large, frozen DB Plans.

P&A Difference

Our experienced and credentialed staff is our most valued asset, and has greatly contributed to the growing client base we proudly serve. Our ongoing commitment to our staff and our industry empowers us to provide thorough, timely, customized, comprehensive, and customer-friendly services to our clients. Our Associates understand that infinite attention to detail and effective communication is their most important priority, but responsiveness is equally as critical.

In proud dedication to our profession, we empower our staff with the knowledge they need to do the best job possible. Our level of service requires continuous professional education, which is part of our corporate culture. Many of our senior administrators have 30+ years of experience, and our staff, at all levels, is credentialed by the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA). Our actuaries are Enrolled with the Joint Board of Actuaries and allow us to provide our clients with in-house actuarial services for their Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans.

P&A Expertise

The retirement plan industry is an ever-changing one that is frequently impacted by new legislation and regulations. It is also technically complicated, with compliance rules that cover all facets of our work. Our obligation to our clients includes not only communication and analysis of new information, but also its impact on each plan. Constant monitoring and expert consulting are among the most important services we perform. We won’t just inform a client that compliance testing has failed; we inform them in advance of what to expect and what might be done to change or improve the results. Then we’ll work together to effectuate those changes and manage them on a yearly basis.

P&A Collaboration

Pollard works collaboratively with employers and their financial advisors to ensure the seamless implementation and operation of each plan. We recognize that retirement plans cannot be approached from a “one size fits all” or “off the shelf” perspective. Small to mid-size employers need not only administrative and recordkeeping support, but also guidance and recommendations for plan design features and recordkeeping/investment needs. We are proud to offer a team approach to servicing each plan so our clients have the best expertise in each key area. We recognize the value of an advisor’s relationship with their clients and work to support the needs of our mutual clients as seamlessly as possible. A referral opportunity is of utmost importance to us and we work diligently to ensure that an advisor will never regret making that referral. We also partner with the best and most trusted national plan recordkeepers so that each client can realize the most appropriate fit based on cost and objectives.